The audio-visual installation mediates fragmented life experiences of migrants, propagating new interpretations and perspectives on the global movement of people through the lens of Cyprus. Despite restrictive asylum and integration policies, maltreatment and deportation, Cyprus remains for many individuals the first
stepping-stone to reach European soil. 

This journey is a play with fate. In hope of escaping the cycle of poverty and hardship, individuals negotiate their existence between work visas, pending asylum cases and intermarriage. Whilst separated from family members, the desire for freedom, safety,
and self determination proves resilient. Overcoming barriers through the connectedness of social media and mobile technology, the imagination of future possibilities seen and unseen is without end.

I am very lucky because this couple I am working for, they’re very good and they pay me well, comparing to the other girls. I hope that everyone is experiencing that kind of respect but I don’t think so - I am lucky.
— Lilia, Domestic Worker

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Exhibition:  Island In The Sun
Video and Photography by Maren Wickwire
Text by Melissa Hekkers

Past Exhibitions:
Goethe-Institut Nicosia, Exhibition Hall
10 – 18 November 2016

Restart Europe | Cyprus Youth Council

23 – 24 of May 2017
Cultural Centre Mills in Kaimakl, Nicosia

April 2017 | Nicosia




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