A Syrian family, who have lost all their possessions in Kobani, are fearful of losing something far more precious -- their daughters, nine-year-old Zeen and twelve-year-old Viyan. Basheer and Nareen Ali's daughters’ kidneys are failing and the girls are in dire need of kidney transplants, which the parents are eager to provide for them. However, stranded as refugees in a foreign country with insufficient funds and opportunity to provide for their family, they have no feasible way of making these transplants happening or relocate to a different country with better healthcare and job opportunities.

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Our Part:
Creative Direction: Maren Wickwire
Post Production: Maren Wickwire
Concept: Maren Wickwire

The Project: 
A short portrait of a young mother who is struggling in life and tries to get back on her feet. Her son is growing up with her parents.