USA: LOOM -Woven Ttogether

LOOM is a group of creative and enterprising women, working in collaboration with local Chicago designers to produce beautiful, handmade products. 



“This was our number one dream. We wanted Rose and Baban, our children, to have a good education here. They will go to a good school, they will have a better life than what we had. And we feel safe. It is a terrible feeling when you go outside in my country, Iraq. You never know when there could be a car bombing.


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USA: Combating Violent Extremism

In celebration of International Women's Day, the U.S. Institute of Peace hosted a meeting of 12 civil society leaders from India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Tanzania on Friday, March 6th, to discuss lessons learned in their work preventing violent extremism in their communities.



After many difficult years, her mother’s death prompted Eddie to reach out to HOW for supportive services and housing assistance.

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Colombia: Women Mediating Peace

With a peace agreement in sight and on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2016, we created this video documenting efforts to strengthen the capacities of Colombia’s women as mediators, supported by the United States Institute of Peace.

Eastern Congo Initiative

DRC: Underage Combatants

The goal of this research project is to share lessons learned from past reintegration processes to improve future programming for former underage combatants and youth at-risk for joining armed groups.

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Burmese Rubies

Creating a video trailer for the exhibit Blood/Stones produced by ART WORKS Projects to introduce the concept to new venues and donors Reflecting on the exploitation of a country and featuring the photography of Christian Holst.