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Directed by Maren Wickwire | 58 min.

Together Apart is an intimate family portrait of two indigenous women, a mother and a daughter, who left the Philippines to seek work abroad. Guil Ann, a twenty-five-year-old woman from the Cordilleras, follows her own mother Carren to the other side of the world. Only months after mother and daughter reunite on the island, unexpected events lead to Carren’s forced departure.

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Click to Remain.

Directed by Valerie Kittlitz and Maren Wickwire |
20 min. (2016) 

Click to Remain' follows participants of an event organized by Avaaz, a digital petitioning platform. In the wake of the Brexit referendum in June of 2016, Avaaz invited its members to a kiss chain which took place in four major capitals across Europe. The film examines the implications of digital activism both on an emotional as well as an economic level.
The idea of 'love' is prevalent in activist jargon, and was strongly advocated within the kissing chain. The film explores the subjective notion and commercial value of this term. In an increasingly mobile and digitally active society, as one participant puts it, 'you can spread out your commitment to almost everything.


Moriyah -

A Life Journey

Directed by Maren Wickwire | 45 min. | 2010

After being the regional manager of thirty-two Tommy Hilfiger stores in Texas, Moriyah is now a mother living in the Negev desert in Israel. She is not only fighting to keep the constant flow of sand out of her trailer home but also the feeling of not being able to live up to other people's expectations.