House of Cards: Rebuilding is the first presentation of a work-in-progress exhibition featuring the personal stories of community members who have struggled to save their homes. The narratives included confront loss of home through eviction, foreclosure, forced displacement and other threats to our human right to housing

Produced by: Art Works Projects

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Through photographs, moving graphics, and music, viewers have an opportunity to trace the journey of a family during the catastrophic events of displacement, on a path to sanctuary, and through the long process of rebuilding life in a new community. Sanctuary & Sustenance aims to raise the public consciousness of these issues and encourage policy-makers to act in favor of fundamental human rights for refugees and asylum seekers.

Produced by:Art Works Projects


Island in the Sun

The audio-visual installation mediates fragmented life experiences of migrants, propagating new interpretations and perspectives on the global movement of people through the lens of Cyprus. Despite restrictive asylum and integration policies, maltreatment and deportation, Cyprus remains for many individuals the first stepping-stone to reach European soil. 

Produced by: Manifest Media